DLP 3D Printer

DigiFabb Ultra

DigiFabb Ultra is one of the fastest DLP 3D Printer available in Indian market for jewellery medical 3D Printing. It has a build platform size of 144 mm x 81 mm. Its features include:

  • 405 nm UV LED instead of lamp which makes it maintenance free lasts for 30000 hours.
  • Up to 3000 layers per hour, which is the fastest available in the Indian market.
  • Long lasting Teflon tray which reduces the requirement of frequently replacing the build tray.
  • 144 point calibration system ensuring >95 % light intensity uniformity across build platform.
  • A Comprehensive software package right from pre-processing to machine operations intuitive GUI making it easier for unskilled operators to operate machine.
  • Ideal for 3D Printing service providers large-scale jewellery manufacturers dental labs.


Light Source: HI-UV LED

Scanning Method: Full HD Projector

Working Area: 144 x 81 x 200 mm3

Layer Thickness: 0.01 to 0.10mm

X-Y Resolution: 37 microns(UHD mode), 75 native

Building Speed: 3000 layers per hour

Software: DigiFabb Controller

Input File Format: stl, slc

Connectivity: USB+HDMI

Warranty: 1 Year Manufacturing Defect + 1 Year Extended

AMC: Free 1 year, Unlimited Visits

Training: Free On-Site for 1 week

Accessories: UV Curing Oven+UV Laser+Machine PC+Cleaning Tools

Resin Supported: No Restrictions

Long Term Support(LTS): Yes, Free Software Updates, New Material Updates

Ideal For: >100 models per day