DLP 3D Printer

DigiFabb Mirco

DigiFabb Micro is the best choice for low scale jewellery manufacturers and Dental labs for in-house 3D Printing of High Accuracy and high surface finish parts. It is the only Full HD LED based DLP 3D Printer available in Indian market for jewelry and medical 3D Printing. It has a build platform size of 76 mm x 42.75 mm. Its features include:

  • 405 nm UV LED instead of lamp which makes it maintenance free lasts for 30000 hours.
  • Up to 500 layers per hour, which is one of the fastest available in the Indian market.
  • Long lasting Teflon tray which reduces the requirement of frequently replacing the build tray.
  • XY native resolution of 40 microns ensuring highest level of precision.
  • 144 point calibration system ensuring >95 % light intensity uniformity across build platform.
  • A Comprehensive software package right from pre-processing to machine operations intuitive GUI making it easier for unskilled operators to operate machine.
  • Ideal for low scale jewellery manufacturers and small dental labs.


Light Source: UV LED

Scanning Method: Full HD Projector

Working Area: 76 x 42 x 150 mm3

Layer Thickness: 0.01 to 0.10mm

X-Y Resolution: 20 microns(UHD mode), 40 native

Building Speed: 500 layers per hour

Software: DigiFabb Controller

Input File Format: stl, slc

Connectivity: USB+HDMI

Warranty: 1 Year Manufacturing Defect

AMC: Free 4 visits per year

Training: At our office and videos

Accessories: UV Curing Oven+UV Laser

Resin Supported: Direct Casting, GP, Ceramic

Long Term Support(LTS): No/Paid

Ideal For: >10-40 models per day