Best 3D Printers For Jewelry In India

DigiFabb is one of the most reliable 3D Printer suppliers for Jewelry 3D Printers in India. DigiFabb started with the launch of one of the fastest Jewelry 3D Printer in in India – DigiFabb Ultra. It disrupted the Indian 3D Printing market by dramatically reducing 3D Pinting time for a full platform of rings from 4 hours to less than 30 minutes. DigiFabb has since launched many Jewelry 3D Printers suitable for printing castable and model-making resins for the jewelry industry. DigiFabb has made the reputation of making ultra-durable and high-precision 3D Printers specifically for the jewelry Industry. Today the DigiFabb name in Indian DLP 3D Printing suppliers is known for the reliability of the product and technical service capabilities.

For Jewelry Industry, DigiFab supplies DLP, LCD and MJP 3D Printers. DLP and LCD 3D Printers by DigiFabb are used to make jewelry RPT for mold-making and direct casting wax pieces for casting in gold, silver and brass material. MJP 3D Printers are used for making wax patterns for investment casting in gold, silver and other precious metals.

DLP 3D Printers for Jewelry