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The Idea of DigiFabb started when the typical resin 3D Printers were slow and out of reach for most small businesses. DigiFabb started with the launch of India’s first UV LED DLP 3D Printer – DigiFabb Ultra, printing at phenomenal speeds. We reduced the typical turnaround time for the Indian Jewelry 3D Printing Industry from 2 business days to less than 4 hours.Since then, our motto has been to make industrial-grade 3D Printers affordable for all size of businesses.

We are India’s first 3D Printing company to have an in-house team for supporting and platform-building software development. We have developed one of the best 2D Packing Nesting and reporting software for DLP and MJP technologies. We have even provided state-of-the-art software solutions to other manufacturers to make Professional 3D Printing more accessible. We now have a dedicated R&D team for the development of 3D Printers, Resins and Software to make integrated systems that outperform the industry standard.

We have recently collaborated with some well known International brands to make their technology availablle to our cients and offering them better tehnical support. Having one of the higest number of experienced technical support enginners speaks for our cpability to support our clients.

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3D Pritnters and tech support combined together

We provide everything you need to get started with 3D Printing – right from demo 3D Printing services to 3D Printer set up, materials, accessories and tech support.

3D Printers

We supply resin based  DLP/LCD 3D printers and wax based MJP 3D Printers.


we supply various types of 3D Printng resins for DLP/LCD Printers and wax for MJP Printers.


We supply supporting and slicing software for DLP Printers and auto-placement and billing software for MJP Printers.

3D Printing Services

We provide 3D Printeing services using resin based, wax based and FDM technology based 3D Printers.

Tech Support

We offer technical support services such as training and AMC contracts.

3D Printer Accessories

We offfer accessories, tools and readymade toolkits that are requrid for  DLP, LCD and MJP Printers. 

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